BestHairBuy Virgin Hair

The BestHairBuy wigs are handmade with 100% human hair. These wigs look extremely natural because each strand of hair has been tied by hand to create the perfect unity

BestHairBuy virgin hair is the perfect solution for every type of woman: those who seek to change their look without damaging their hair, for celebrity enthusiasts, but also women with thinning hair or losing their hair.

The BestHairBuy has high quality wigs can be broken up anywhere you like because they are designed as an entire unit. They can be washed, cut, braided, heat-colored and colorful, just like your natural hair.

Full lace wigs are manufactured with a base that is made of lace. The individual strands are then sewn into the loop. The first time you use the wig you need to cut and easily customize the lace to your desired hair.

Try the wig before cutting the additional loop in the front. In order to trim the lace, place the wig on your head, use the clips to protect the wig and trim any lace that comes out after the wig wire. Cut the loop into small portions at the same time in order to avoid accidentally cutting out too much. You need to leave some extra income up front. Cutting the loop too short creates a poor fit

Can wigs be dyed?

All BestHairBuy indian hair are wigs made with 100% human hair and can be cut stylized wavy and dyed like your own hair. Therefore we recommend only going from a lighter tone to a darker tone avoiding using bleaching agents and thus cause possible damage to the hair.

How to Care for Your Wig 

• Hygiene of the scalp and human hair should be made periodically. The use of the wig does not eliminate or minimize the need to do the hair hygiene.

• If the use of the wig is daily, it should be washed every 15 days. If use is sporadic, wash after use before storing.

• The wig should not be washed on your head, remove it and follow the instructions above.


1. It should be dipped in a bowl with neutral shampoo diluted in cold water, rinsed and then soaked for a few minutes in a container with water and fabric softener for clothing. One should avoid rubbing or kneading the wig.

2. After the sauce on the softener, it should be wrapped with a towel until the water is absorbed. DO NOT USE DRYER. The wig should dry naturally.

3. To comb the wig, use your fingers or a comb with very wide teeth. It should be combed while it is still wet. You should begin the process of combing at the tips and then go up to the root of the strands. The wires should not be combed in the root direction for the tips.

4. Apply "tip repair oil" or "hair ointment" to keep the ends of the wires silky and moisturized.

You can find some wigs on the BestHairBuy wigs website. Check it out.

Islanne Machado

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