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The wigs were hits from the 1960's, many appliques and fake wigs are back in style to change your head.

They were super popular in previous centuries, but they were a long time out of fashion. But now, perhaps because of the economic downturn, wigs are gaining space as a way to change their look easily without having to cut or dye their hair.

Another reason for the resurgence of the wig as a fashion accessory is the fact that celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks and Sharon Osbourne started talking more and wearing wigs to change the look.

They are made with natural hair and have a transparent fabric that mimics the output of the strands of the scalp. This differential happens naturally and it is almost impossible to see that the accessory is being used. The BestHairbuy wigs are beautiful, everyone needs to know.

There are some wigs that are trendy, the wigs that are on the rise, that tend to adapt with any type of face and person, this type of wigs falls on women's grace in a sweeping way, this is because when one sees that it works, , the other see and also like, so is the cycle, and soon all the women are doing!

The wigs does not have a single pattern, it can be very well adapted to the style and face type of each, it can be asymmetrical, as quoted above, have a larger size on the front. It can have fringe, be the same size both front and back and so on. Also it does not distinguish of colors, it is good for blondes and brunettes!


· The durability of the wig will vary according to the periodicity, the care and the routine of use.

· Their yarns are produced with synthetic fibers. They should not be dyed or discolored, as they do not react like human hair.

· Always remove the wig from the head before sleeping, avoiding to embarrass the wires.

· As soon as you notice signs of entanglement of the threads, spray "combing cream without rinsing" diluted in plenty of water. Spray it all over the wig, but especially on the strands that are most embarrassing (usually those that have more contact with the nape and back). Then untwist the wires with your fingers. If the product you purchased is with plain wires, you can use the comb.

· Apply "repair oil" or "hair ointment" (Vaseline, Keratin or Argan) to keep the ends of the threads silky and moisturized.

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Islanne Machado

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