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This is not my first order at Desenio. I love posters and I have several around the house. The posters are beautiful, artistic and amazing. We have, and this is no joke, about 20 screens throughout our house. There are a lot of screens ( at least in my opinion ). Posters are pure art! They can really transform a simple room into a beautiful gallery.

I ordered many paintings from Desenio. Desenio is a company that believes that art should be accessible to everyone. Desenio aims to inspire the decoration and design of your home. For this reason, they provide you with frames at affordable prices.

Posters Metallic Mountains (50x70)

Posters Amber Dusk (21x30)

Posters Bond Ii (21x30)

My opinion:

Screen Quality: Excellent professional print quality.

Ordering facility: Very easy! I loved that they have so many options and even gallery wall suggestions, with lots of tips

Shipping: FAST, very fast. I recently ordered posters and received them within a week! I was impressed.

Customer Service: THE BEST.

This is by far the best online Desenio experience I've ever had. I was impressed with the quality of the frame and poster printing.

The code “LIFE10” gives you a 10% extra discount on the campaign on Desenio between the 1st-5th of July.

*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration/personalized posters.

This post is a collaboration with Desenio

Islanne Machado

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